Djuni curates monthly edits of antique and vintage jewellery with a modern aesthetic. Celebrating simple silhouettes and beautiful craftsmanship, the aim is to repurpose antique jewellery to make it feel special but effortless; as a modern and relevant addition to any jewellery box.

Based in Barcelona, Djuni was founded by Sara Nicol, who is of Iranian/German/British origin. The name Djuni [ joo  nee ] - Joon meaning Dearest in Farsi - is inspired by her Iranian heritage (her great grandfather was a prominent jeweller in Iran) and reflects the love that she has always had for antique jewellery. Originally a Psychologist for many years, Sara has been a life-long collector of antique jewellery. The importance of storytelling was integral to her childhood, influenced by her maternal culture, and also in her work as a Psychologist, unlocking narratives that engaged emotions and created connections. Jewellery, similarly, has a universal language and antique pieces are imbued with past histories and stories of their own.

The jewelry is chosen for its simple beauty (defined by distinct silhouettes), but also for ease of wearing – these are styles that fit seamlessly into your modern wardrobe and can be worn daily. As a mother of three, Sara is an advocate of practical style and attainable luxury; vintage and antique jewelry is a smart investment that is sustainable and allows us to celebrate our personalities.

New collections launch each month, and there are waitlists for those most sought-after and rare jewels. Djuni has gained a loyal following for chic and wearable pieces at fair prices, and a personalised approach in helping customers find their dream piece! You can find more photos and inspiration on the Djuni Instagram page, or click here to ask any questions or say hello – I would love to hear from you.