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Fob Numero 78

Fob Numero 78

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A striking antique fob in sterling silver with hallmarks for 1900 (Birmingham, John Culver). Suspended on a vintage sterling silver chain, this fob has a carnelian on one side and a bloodstone on the reverse. The fob frame is an rare design.

Size: 3cm x 2cm 

Chain: 51cm


Un fob antiguo llamativo en plata esterlina con destellos para 1900 (Birmingham, John Culver). Suspendido en una cadena de plata esterlina vintage, este fob tiene un cornaliano en un lado y un jaspe sanguíneo a la inversa. El marco del fob es un diseño raro.

Tamaño: 3cm x 2cm 
Cadena: 51cm

Care Instructions

To care for your antique and vintage pieces, we recommend soaking them in warm water and dish soap for 5 minutes, and then scrubbing dirt away with a soft bristle toothbrush. Buff dry with a microfibre cloth.

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